LARP round-head arrow, brown shaft, 76 cm

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The original: 4 years of warranty - "made in Germany" + Durability - new,... more
Product information "LARP round-head arrow, brown shaft, 76 cm"

The original: 4 years of warranty - "made in Germany"

+ Durability - new, practically undestroyable safety head
+ Range - over 50 m
+ Safety - very constant pressure distribution and high damping
+ Action & fun - precision and range through optimated fliying characteristics
+ Delivery capacity - through industrial serial production
+ Competitiveness - through a convincing price-performance ratio
+ Professionality - through our own product liability insurance
+ Reliability - 48 months of warranty on the entire bolt

The IDV safety bolt is the result of my own experience as a LARP archer as well as the experience of other bolt manufacturers and feedbacks from practical experience. Extensive safety tests, strain calculations and material checks have been an integral part of the development work right from the beginning.

The result is a bolt with an extremely high range (around 15-20 m), optimized accuracy and very high safety. And all this to a price suitable for LARP.

The arrow comes with a multilingual manual (German, English, Dutch, Italian, Spanish, Danish, French).

In addition, the arrow is endowed with a special product liability insurance (sum insured up to 3.0 million Euro), granting you the safety of a practically risk-free product.

The price indicated is per piece.
Packing unit: 32 pcs. - the arrows can only be ordered in packs of 32 pcs.

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