Bow GRP/PU, 18 lbs @28", 1400 mm

Bow GRP/PU, 18 lbs
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A core made of glass fibre , coated with medium-hard, highly tough polyurethane foam.  ... more
Product information "Bow GRP/PU, 18 lbs @28", 1400 mm"

A core made of glass fibre, coated with medium-hard, highly tough polyurethane foam. 
So simple the bow from IDV engineering can be described.

Insensitive to dry-fires / dry loosing, hits, strokes, humidity and sun it can be bent by more than 180° without breaking.

The perfect bow for LARP, medieval depiction and bad weather.

The following image/film shows what els our bow can take:

If you care about details:
Unladen weight: 1505 kg (Toyota Avensis estate car)
Tire pressure: 320 kPa (3,2 bar)
Ground: Asphalt
Yes, the bow still works.


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